Why giffot.ai?

giffot.ai will provide you the best gifting experience of your life. We will take the stress out of gifting by a built-in reminder system and providing you with gifts explicitly tailored to the personality of your giftee. Additionally, most of the gift products are exclusive, not sold in Amazon, and made in the USA.


How do I use the gift personalization tool?

Just answer the questions on the "personalization with AI" tool, and our proprietary algorithm will provide you with a list of perfect gifts for your favorite people.


How does personalization AI technology work?

The artificial intelligence(AI) personalization tool will help you to pick a "personality-tailored" gift. We used consumer behavioral studies and data to train our system on picking a gift based on personality traits and interests. The machine learning (ML) algorithm will train the AI system dynamically to make the gift picking process more robust and accurate.


How do I use the gift reminder tool?

Create an account and set your dates by going to the "Gift Reminder" tool. We will send you text and email reminders 2-weeks ahead of time. 


How far ahead can I set a reminder?

You can set a reminder anytime. We will remind you 2-weeks ahead of time through e-mail and SMS.


How long does shipping take?

Our standard shipping will take 3-5 business days. Expedite shipping will take 2-business days.


How secure is my data?

We believe strongly that your data is your proprietary asset. We will use the data to train our ML system internally. The data usage in the internal system will be completely discrete and random to make your gifting experience more fun. We will not share any data outside of giffot.ai.


Who can I send a gift?

Everyone in your life! giffot.ai has personalized gift options for your family, friends, colleagues, formal acquaintances, and significant others.